Is Nutrisystem Worth the Cost

You probably saw one of the many TV commercials for Nutrisystem and figured it must be one of the best diet programs out there. It certainly sounds great and the advertisers have done a good job of making you believe it's your best choice for a weight loss diet.

But surely you stopped to think for a moment over whether it really is your best choice for losing those excess pounds.

nutrisystem costAnd you probably wondered if it's even worth the cost of signing up.

Well, value is often a subjective quantity and what may be great value to one person can be not such great value to another. For you to really know whether you'll get the best value from Nutrisystem, you first have to know what it is all about, how it works and whether you'll like the menu they serve up.

How you do that is you learn all you can about the program before you decide to sign up.

Read Reviews

There are a number of very good reviews covering the Nutrisystem cost per month (for example: has a great review of current prices), that you can find online. These will tell you a lot about the company, its history and the kind of programs it provides for its customers. This is an excellent way to gain a fuller understanding of a program that you may or may not decide is the right one for you.

You really ought to be aware of the several aspects that make the diet what it is and if these are compatible with your personal needs. If they are, then it could be the best choice for you. If not, then it will not be.

Liking the Food

For any diet to work for anybody, you have to like the food. If you don't like what you're eating, you're not going to eat it for very long! So what is the Nutrisystem food like?

About 70 percent of the meals are made up of processed, ready-meal types like the ones you can buy at the store, except they are portion and calorie controlled. They are also designed to provide all the right kinds of nutrition you will need each day to maintain a healthy physical body.

Being processed, they contain some additives and sodium. Again, if you're OK with this kind of meal, you're probably already used to eating it and it will be just fine.

So we can pretty well see that if you're okay with eating these kinds of meals, you're going to like theirs. If you don't, or you are used to eating home cooked meals that are comprised of fresh ingredients (that is nothing out of a packet or a can), you may not like their food. You have been warned!

The other 30 percent are fresh frozen meals which many feel are better quality and tastier. Most people like these meals and if this is you, then you have a choice if you are still keen to try Nutrisystem but don't want the processed meals.

They offer a special plan called "Select" which is made up of 100 percent fresh frozen meals. This might appeal to you more.

Staying the Distance

Another thing you should be aware of is that the plans all ship to your home with food for four weeks. That includes three meals plus two snack bars and a protein shake each day. That might sound like a lot of food to get in one shipment, but actually it takes up less space than you might think.

Many dieters believe that they can diet for a month and lose all the weight they want to lose, then go back to their old ways of eating. Anyone who thinks that way is wrong!

Losing weight should be done over a longer period of time to be effective and should plan to never go back to your old ways of eating. Why? Because that's how you got overweight in the first place!

You should expect to stay on their diet plan for at least two months, but longer is better. Now that might sound like it will cost you a lot of money. The reality is that what you pay for the diet is offset by the fact hat you are NOT buying any other food for yourself during that time.

Many people find it's actually cheaper to be on the Nutrisystem program than to buy the food they would normally eat! You have to do the math and make up your own mind on that score.

Value for Money

Back to the original purpose of this article. Is Nutrisystem really worth the cost and is it good value for money?

This is something that only you will know or be able to quantify. It depends on what you already spend on food and if it's bad for you and making you gain weight steadily, then you need to do something about it. As far as commercial weight loss programs like this are concerned, if switching to Nutrisystem for a few months is not going to cost you much more than you are already spending on food, and you lose weight while you are on it, then you can happily admit that it's pretty good value!

It's your call at the end of the day. I personally believe that it is good value for money because you will lose weight as long as you stick to the plan and don't cheat... and go the distance. But again, is this something you believe you can do? If it is, then go for it!