Step to a Slimmer Body

One of the major benefits of having a stepper machine in your home apart from the boost to your physical fitness levels is the fact that it will also help you to lose weight if you need to. In fact, losing weight is a natural by-product of exercising, especially when those exercises are of an aerobic nature, as they are when you use a step machine. Here is how it works.

Reducing Body Fat

step to a slimmer bodyOnce you have gotten into a routine of stepping every day if you can and then having increased the time you spend on the machine to in excess of twenty minutes, then you will begin to notice a definite reduction in your body's fat store. This is usually seen as a reducing of the waistline, a general toning up of the thighs and buttocks as well as an overall feeling of general well being.

The reason for the toning up is more than just the muscles in those areas becoming tighter and stronger and therefore more toned looking. It also has to do with the visible reduction of the amount of fat that is stored in those areas of the body. This is one of the great slimming tips that you can make full use of when you own a step machine.

Now to reduce the body's fat store, you have to get your body into a position where it literally runs out of blood sugar to feed the working muscles that it has obtained through diet. This naturally occurs after around twenty minutes of sustained elevated levels of exercise.

Get to the Burn

That exercise does not need to be particularly strenuous or over taxing, but just enough to raise your heart rate, make you breathe harder and make you sweat. The time limit is reached when the muscles have used up all the available sugar present in the blood stream and if they are to continue working, they must be supplied with more fuel.

The body is then forced to take that fuel from its reserves, which are the fat cells that were making parts of your body look flabby and, well, fat!

Sufficient fat is removed from the fat cells and processed in the liver back into glucose, which is distributed into the blood stream where it finds its way to the muscles. It stands to reason that the longer you can keep up your exercise levels, then the more fat you will burn.

Slowly Does It

This does not happen all in one go, as it takes an awful lot of demand for glucose to deplete the body's fat store. You can railroad this process by eating too many carbohydrates before exercising or drinking energy drinks.

You need to make sure you eat high protein, low carb food prior to exercising and drink ONLY plain water to make this effective. Over time, and we're talking a few weeks depending on how much fat you have stored up, your body will gradually and progressively deplete its fat store in response to prolonged daily exercise and your body will then take on that slender, toned look that is so desirable in folks that are trying to workout daily to lose weight.

In fact, unless you are initially very overweight or obese, you will not notice the weight loss effects so much as it will be slow and measured. As fat is depleted, the muscles will grow in density and size, although never to bodybuilder proportions unless you intend going in that direction.

Muscle weighs more than fat by volume, so you will only notice a very slow reduction in weight once you are in the position to be building muscle strength after the initial rapid weight loss of the first week or two. This is fine as while you want to tip the scales at a reasonable amount, you also want to look slim and trim.

So use your stepper each day and build up the time you use it for. Then it will help you achieve a great looking body that is at the correct weight for your height as well as making you feel tons better!